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GW fic - Part 3 of Politics and Reality

I finally have the finished third part of politics of reality ready. Which is pretty amazing really considering how long it's been... So if you are still wondering what is happening in this universe the wait is over (and please don't kill me).

Title: Politics and Reality part 3
Characters/Pairing: 3x4 (main pairing), some 4xR, implied background 5xS, 1x2, RxD and Catherine x OMC
Rating: R (It's probably only PG13 but I'm paranoid)
Warnings: Slash (and mentioned het), and I thought I had better warn but I didn't want to give the wrong impression so I think, implied offscreen consent issues best describes it (let me know if you have a suggestion of a better description).
A/N: This chapter needed to be from Trowa POV (and his reactions are influenced  by - my interpretation of - his personality and past), but some of what is in this chapter will be considered again from Quatre's POV in the next chapter which I promise will not take another year to turn up.
Summary: Quatre and Relena are getting married although they are both in relationships with other people. This will only make sense if you read the first two parts, they can be found here: politics and reality and part 2, if you haven't read them, or have forgotten (because it's been, wow, more than a year since the last chapter)

The silk glided through Trowa’s fingers as he finished the last twist to the bow-tie. Fingers brushed against Quatre’s chin lingering for a moment as he withdrew his hands, Quatre caught him as he was about to step back pulling him against him. “Promise you’ll be there tonight, after…” Quatre broke off, the fear in his voice twisting the knife in his guts that Trowa had been feeling since he woke.

“I’m not going anywhere Quatre.” Trowa said firmly,  “I promise.”

Quatre rested his forehead against Trowa’s “I’m sorry, I know it’s not fair what I’m asking from you.”

“You’re worth it Quatre, you’re worth it.” Trowa pulled him in and kissed him.


Relena wasn’t the last person Trowa wanted to see, but his partner’s fiancé was pretty close to the bottom of the list. Seeing her here now sent an unfamiliar feeling clawing through his gut. Trowa had never really felt jealousy before, Quatre was the first person he had really cared about in that way and Quatre hadn’t so much as looked at anyone else since they had met.

“Miss. Relena,” he nodded, ignoring the throng of attending bridesmaids as he reminded himself that this wedding wasn’t her fault either.

“Trowa it‘s good to see you again,” Relena smiled in welcome with that intense honesty that always took Trowa aback. She was elegant and poised in her wedding dress diamonds glinting in white folds, beautiful and so much more suitable for the head of The Winner Corporation. Relena frowned lightly watching Trowa with just a little too much insight “Shouldn’t you be with be with Quatre? Is there a problem?”

“No problem, just getting some air and checking the security,” he nodded again at her, she may be a suitable wife but Quatre loved Trowa, needed Trowa, needed him to be with him now. “I should get back, I will see you in a few minutes Miss. Relena.”

“Trowa.” he stopped in his tracks turning back towards her at the sound of her voice “I just wanted you to know that I understand your place in Quatre’s life and I will never stand in the way of that.” She looked at the floor thinking before looking up into his eyes and stepping forward “I don’t know if that’s something you were worried about, but please don’t, not on my account. Marriage or not I am his friend, and he loves you so very much.”

Something loosened in his chest and Trowa smiled down at her dropping the formality “Thank you Relena.”

“Well I shan’t keep you, we can’t have the best man arriving after the bride after all.” Relena smiled


Heero, Duo, Wufei, Sally, Catherine and her nervous boyfriend Daniel had all appeared over the course of the evening, they sat on the end of his bed and had somehow drawn him into a game of poker. Trowa was losing, badly, the sick feeling fluttering in his stomach made him to think of anything  but the room down the hall. In the back of his mind Trowa wondered who was staying with Dorothy, and he knew he should be worried about the flat, thin-lipped angry look on Duo’s face that meant trouble for someone but somehow couldn’t quite bring himself to care. One night Trowa kept reminding him, it was only one night and neither Relena or Quatre had been happy about it either. That thought helped eased the sick feeling but then only made it worse as he had remembered the pale determined look on his friend’s faces.

Six months earlier:

Trowa had said nothing as the cabinet minister, Duke Ludgrew, was shown in. Trowa kept his face carefully blank as the nervous man took a seat nodding respectfully at Quatre but not meeting either his or Quatre’s eyes. Trowa’s instincts were screaming at him, the tension he could feel in Quatre an unneeded confirmation that something was about to go wrong, out of the corner of his eye Trowa could see Quatre’s ‘war face‘.

“Mr. Winner, Mr. Barton.” The man cleared his throat a couple of times clearly not sure how to begin. Trowa thought he had an idea what was coming but remained totally impassive. “I’m sorry to disturb you both on your day off, but the cabinet has asked that I…. um make sure you are aware of some of the hmmm details of the requirements of your marriage to Ms. Peacecraft-Darlian.”

Beside him Quatre folded his hand across his lap, “Please speak plainly Duke Ludgrew. Then we can all get on with our day.”

The man shifted again clearly embarrassed. He looked at Trowa obviously considering whether he should ask him to leave, before Quatre’s flat look dissuaded him “Well it’s… pardon me Mr. Winner, Quatre this is, well, it’s not an easy thing to discuss. The cabinet is concerned, your marriage must… it must be completely and unquestionably legal. There must be no room for anyone to … um call for an annulment.”

“What?” Quatre sounded uncharacteristically confused and surprised. “I don’t understand, what are you asking?”

Trowa had a feeling he understood, he had been half expecting it. He was a little surprised that Quatre hadn’t considered it “They mean that they want the marriage to be consummated.” Trowa heard his own voice say with blank detachment. Quatre hands dropped to his sides and he went pale in shock.

“Yes,” Duke Ludgrew said “It only need be once, after that, well if you wish artificial insemination can be used.” He lent forward clearly sympathetic and Trowa was reminded of the man’s own wife and children and the ‘secretary’ that lived with them. Probably the reason this man had been selected to broach this subject “I’m sorry, there’s no intention to force anyone into anything. We have spoken to Ms. Peacecraft-Darlian and she has agreed, but only if you agree of course. You must understand that the Council need to know if there is any risk of..”

Quatre cut him off , reaching out blindly for Trowa‘s hand “I understand. We will discuss this and let the Council know our decision.”

 Trowa ignored him leave turning to watch Quatre, who’s shock was gradually being overcome by a strange unhappy grim determination. The expression on his face and the faint trembling in his fingers igniting an anger that Trowa had never felt before “No.” Trowa was  half surprised to hear himself saying “I will fight another war by myself before I let them force you and Relena to do this.”

Quatre shook his head staring at their linked hands, gradually the trembling slowed and stopped “No, Trowa. If I have to I can do this, it’s not that.” He said in oblique reference to the parts of Trowa’s past that he flatly refused to ever discuss, even with Quatre. “Relena and I are friends and I care for her. If we have to, we will, and… the cabinet have a point.  But only if you agree Trowa, I can’t, I won’t lose you. I can do this but not if you can’t agree. Never again Trowa, no more decisions about us without talking to you. I have to know that you’ll still be here afterwards.”

Trowa frowned he thought there might be something wrong with that reasoning but if Quatre said it was alright “I don’t like it, I can’t like it, but nothing will come between us Quatre. If you need to do this then so be it, I will still be here afterwards but I won’t let them force you.”

Trowa sighed with relief as he picked the sounds of Quatre’s steps in the corridor outside. Duo straightened up, sharing a look with Heero. Wufei was the first to stand reaching down to help Sally to her feet. Sally ignored his hand disdainfully, and stood gracefully smiling at Trowa “Well I guess it’s time for us all to be off. Thank you for the game Trowa.” practically pulling Daniel out of the door she left followed by Wufei, waving to Quatre as he arrived.

Catherine narrowed her eyes at Quatre but after a long moment of consideration turned back and stood on tip toes to kiss Trowa on the cheek “Good night little brother, you know where to find me if you need me.” She stalked out of the door making Quatre jump backwards out of her way and disappeared down the hall after her boyfriend.

Duo glanced from Quatre to Trowa and back again, behind him Heero shifted his weight but clearly waited for Duo’s lead. Finally Duo huffed and shrugged “Come on ‘Ro, time for us to leave these two to it.” He paused at the door looking at Quatre “Quat, I figure it’s all worked out now but next time they ask you for something you don’t wanna do, you tell those Council jerks to take a hike or…” His  eyes narrowed pure Shinigami “I’ll tell them for you.”

Then it was just Trowa, and Quatre still standing in the doorway. Hesitantly Quatre stepped into the room closing the door behind him.

“Quatre.” Trowa’s eyes flicked over his lover assessing, the ends of his hair were still wet from where he clearly had a shower a consideration Trowa appreciated but turned his stomach. Trowa forced his thoughts away from that watching Quatre’s face, the blank look he had been carrying all day had faded though now he looked nervous. Trowa sighed and stepped forward drawing him into an embrace.



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Dec. 30th, 2010 10:20 am (UTC)
I feel sorry for everyone, but I do kind of understand why the consummation had to be done. I'm glad Quatre and Trowa talked it over first, and that Quatre valued Trowa's approval so much. I like to think they'll work all of this out.
Dec. 30th, 2010 10:55 am (UTC)
I'm throwing so much at them in this story, but I felt this needed to be done to really make this story complete, and then they can all move on from here. (I needed to give Quatre a second chance to make his decisions as a couple too). Next is really about how they manage a life together.
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