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List of fics

Welcome to my journal!

In all other aspects of life I am messy and disorganised but I am obsessive about filing, tagging and indexing my work, (apparently even when not at work,) so in deference to my anal retentiveness I give you my contents page. 

Currently all my fiction entries (and most but not all of the non-fic posts) are open to everyone, (if I ever write anything that is NC-17 I will friend lock it, just for peace of mind. Some of these have slash/yaoi pairings and some are het, the pairings and ratings are listed as a guide, read what you like ignore what you don't.

The disclaimers and an explanation of my ratings and tags are here

If you are interested in fic recs check out my links on delicious.com here.

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One shots
Drabbles- PG gen crossover drabbles
How I spent my summers - PG ficlets for different characters Vin Tanner and Chris Larabee


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one shots
Drabbles- PG gen drabble
How I spent my summers - PG ficlets for different characters -Chris Perry Halliwell (twice)


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one shots
Drabbles- PG Golden pair drabble
Various drabbles Goldan Pair, complicated PoT relationships & Yuuta gen.

Hello again,

I'm making a concerted effort to come on here more again. I always love it when I do come on but somehow have got out of the habit.

Have been going through an anime binge at the moment rewatched all of Hikaru no go, the first half of Full Metal Alchemist (2nd half is in the post on DVD and I'm not allowed to watch until I have it), and started rewatching season 1 of Bleach and catching up on all the episodes I've missed. It's been ages since I've watched and I am still about 60 episodes behind, so lots of new Bleach still out there to watch :0).

I also watched Warrior for the first time on Thursday evening, after I bought the blu-ray. I knew I was going to like it (if nothing else topless bulked up Tom Hardy what's not to like?) I didn't expect to like it sooo much. It is (for now) my new favourite film (not just because of the aforementioned Mr Hardy either).

Anyway really must get back into writing so.... if anyone wants to drop me a prompt (and a character, pairing or fandom) and I'll try to get some writing done this weekend.

Fandoms: Highlander, Leverage, Doctor Who verse, Magnificent 7, Inception (will be my first), Supernatural, Charmed, GW, Hikago, Ouran, Bleach, FMA, or any others I've done before or commented on, crossovers welcome.

Ratings, Tagging and Disclaimers

This post started as a post for my own reference to satisfy my anal retentive need to be consistent with my tagging.

Just in case anyone wanted some guidance in navigating my 'system' I decided to leave it open, (but if i post this right it won't appear on your friend pages). Then I got carried away and it can now be considered a list of policies and disclaimers as well as an explanation of tags.

DisclaimersCollapse )

Ratings and warnings.Collapse )

LJ tagsCollapse )

delicious tagsCollapse )

Hmm not exhaustive (yet) think this shall have to be a WIP too as I add more fandoms or tags.

Long time no see

Hi all, I have returned from the black hole I have been living in for the last... well let's just say it's been awhile since I've posted.

I've been busy reading through supernatural fic and inception fic and buying (and watching) lots of films with Joseph Gordon Levitt or Tom Hardy in to fuel my obsession. I have also been enjoying netflix's arrival to this side of the Atlantic (it is a large part of the reason I am now the owner of a new TV and an internet blu-ray player), rewatching Numb3rs and Avatar the last Airbender and have rather a long list of series I've been meaning to watch that I can now legally stream in HD and in order .

Mostly though I have disappeared into the world of swagbucks and superpoints, which pay me in amazon vouchers or paypal for messing around on the internet (and thus pay for the blu-ray, TV, and JGL and TH films) and are depressingly addictive. I'm not going to put a whole post up about them (at least not yet) because I'm still debating whether that's OK in a mainly fandom blog but the links above are referral links if anyone wants to join and feel free to ask about them if you're interested, they are US sites but also work for UK (like me), Canada and I think Australian users.

In other news I finally got round to buying (what was supposed to be) a legitimate copy of Hikaru No Go (I'm gradually trying to make sure I have boxsets for everything).... Not entirely convinced whether the boxset I had imported is real or not the disks and box looks real but the chapters on the DVD are put together really badly and the subtitles are terrible.

I know people often say fansubs are better than the official one's (and they often are) but these - in some places it is like someone put the script into babel fish and then put that up on the screen. Seriously they really are that bad, it's not just that it doesn't match what they are saying it's actually not really English (and bizarrely they change the characters names in the subtitles, for some unknown reason Hikaru becomes Kanazi, why???????). I only know what's going on at all because I understand a little Japanese and remember the story.

A belated Happy New Year everyone! I'm well behind on commenting and replying, my apologies I'm in the process of trying to catch up.

It's pretty late to be reposting but I've been away over the Christmas break and had limited access to the internet, and there always seemed to be other things to be reading when I was on. This is my entry from the hlh_shortcuts exchange. Hopefully the formatting right (this is my second time posting this this evening.

Title: Endless Circles
Writer:  [info]fractured_sun
Witten for: Diana, [info]dkwilliams
Characters/Pairings: Methos, The Doctor(various), Duncan, Amanda, Silas. Methos/Doctor, Methos/Duncan
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Lots of timey, wimey jumps. One horsemen scene, (nothing they wouldn’t have shown in the series). Mostly gen with implied slash
Author's Notes: Mid way through writing this it dawned on me that what I was writing was less one story and more a never ending verse. I hope I’ve managed to wrestle this into one coherent story.
Summary: Methos and The Doctor have been friends for centuries; they just might not be the same centuries.

Endless Circles HL/DWCollapse )</a></div>

Rec AKA Fannish squeeing

Someone wrote me fic. Wonderful long highlander/leverage fic. I was very miffed last night because I get a message that it has been posted and then I can't read it because I'm on an away day with work (well away day and night) and it was posted about 10 minutes before the evening meal. I was very kind of rude and kept sneaking peaks at it between courses :0).

Anyway if you have enjoyed either series you have to read it because it is wonderful and it's here

half way through this year's hlh-shortcuts

Really been enjoying all the highlander secret santa fics. The talent of the writers in this fest is always amazing, I just have to hope my own offering doesn't let the side down too much.

Any of you who have ever enjoyed highlander I can't recommend it enough. You can find it here. There's plenty of crossovers too for anyone for whom highlander isn't there first love, so far we have NCIS LA, Doctor Who, Supernatural and X-men first class. Now we've got far enough in the serious business starts. The guessing post. After considering styles, characters, pairings and crossovers... I still have no idea who has written anything. The speculation is a large part of this whole process though and I always enjoy it, even though I'm never right about who wrote what.

Dec. 14th, 2011

It's nearly the start of the hlh_shortcuts secret santa (posting starts tomorrow). I'm really excited to read all the new stories this year. I managed to get mine in too (a little past the deadline) I did wonder at some points whether I'd be able to do it this year but in the end I got a complete story. Without giving any hints as to which one I wrote... I was really happy with my assignment this year, I got to play around with some ideas I'd had brewing for awhile and never got as far as writing, so it was nice to have the push to do it.

I haven't really been very active in LJ or fandom in general recently and I'm hoping finally finishing off a new fic will help inspire me to get back into the game.

Anyway for anyone on my flist who has ever enjoyed any highlander this week would be a great time to try reading some fic. This exchange always has some fantastic writing, and usually includes a far number of great crossovers if highlander is not your first love. It all kicks off tomorrow here

Write, write, write

Three days and counting to the secret santa deadline. I've been breaking out the big guns:

I'm even less organised this year but I'll get there.


Less thank a fortnight until the hlh_shortcuts fics are due.... Really must start writing.
Less than a month to go before the highlander secret santa's are due. So far I have bullet points, I wrote when I first got my assignment. Really need to start drafting something now.

Haven't been doing much in fandom recently (been ages since I last posted anything) I'ver barely even skimmed through my friends list. So I'm hoping writing the highlander fic will prod me back into being a bit more active. Recently I've just been lurking and reading supernatural fics (I think the may have eaten my brains).

To get me back into the habit here's a highlander/SPN snippet I wrote earlier:

Highlander/SPN - spoilers for HL season 5Collapse )
This was going to be something long and complex but in the end this is all I had on it. Maybe someday.

bookmarking and hlh_shortcuts

My assignment for the hlh_shortcuts secret santa fic exchange was in my inbox this morning :0). I can definintely work with that, I have a plotbunnies already hatching (apparently plotbunnies unlike other bunnies are not mammalian but are reptilian, amphibian or maybe avian... hmm bunnies with wings, that would explain why they keep flying off).

Sorry moving on from the poor stretched metaphor now. Should be fun to write I think and I can hardly wait to read them all... except then I would have no time to write mine so it's good that it's still a little way off.

Everything has been changing over at delicious, where I keep my links/recs/bookmarks and many people are already deleting and moving on. I'm keeping my delicious account active (at least for now). They seem to be adding bits of the old functionality back everyday, so I'm sticking around to see how it looks in a few weeks and whether I think I can use it (though mine keeps switching between the old and new versions at the moment).

I am however already on Pinboard and Diigo (they both mirror my delicious account), if anyone wants to take a look. Pinboard is probably the best in terms of fandom because diigo automatically makes certain links private and doesn't allow certain tags, but it does charge a small one-off joining fee. Diigo does a lot of other highting and comments and various other bits I don't use so haven't really looked at, and Pinboard seems to be a more straightforward plain indexing system. It's easier to see who else has saved a link on Pinbard too and thus find similar bookmarks. If anyone wants a look at the sites in use or subscribe/follow/network/whatever I've put in links to my bookmarks below.

My Pinboard account
My diigo account

Long time no see

Been awhile again. It's official ever since I started reading supernatural fic I've become a bad LJer, I haven't checked my flist in ages let alone posted. I'm blaming Dean Winchester it's clearly his fault... too much fic written about him.

Because it is fun (and I am nuts) I've signed up again for this year hlh_shortcuts - highlander secret santa. So I'll definitely write at least one complete fic this year. I think the last complete fic I wrote was for last years.... I do have more ficlets for various fandoms to post though :0).

Really looking forward to reading all the stories everyone writes for this year. If you're a new (or lapsed) highlander fan it's definitely worth checking out, the more the merrier and it always produces some excellent stories.

I'm hoping it will motivate me to write more in some of my other fandoms too, nothing like having one thing you're 'supposed' to write to make you want to write other things. But I'm not promising anything

ficlets update

So,*shifty eyes* that posting a ficlet a day thing hasn't been happening for the last couple of days. But I have written some of them, though not actually finished... perhaps it's better to post them in a batch anyway.

Well either way they are still happening, so expect more soon.. and I am still writing (almost) everyday which is great, and I'm reading my flist regularly again. Hadn't realised how much I missed you all, happy to be back.


Ficlet 3. Trowa/Quatre - Sweepstake

My third ficlet.... who'da thunk it. This one is a 3x4 outsider POV ficlet, again there are no warnings (except it's betaless state). Enjoy:

Trowa/Quatre ficletCollapse )

3 consecutive days of writing :0) great. I think all the problems with LJ I'm going to post a recap after say a week with the links when LJ is up and running properly again but I'll post as much as I can. (Posting through LJ keeps failing and eating my post).

I'm finding replying on LJ hit or miss too so if you prefer my DW is here. (I have invites if people want them, lots of people are posting trough DW instead, but you can use openID or comment anon if you prefer).

Ficlet 2. Methos/Darius - War

Just tried to post yesterday's ficlet and it's not working. So you can find my Methos/Darius ficlet here on DW.

Next one hopefully posted today on DW, and LJ if it's working properly.
Well Ficlet number 1 is done, 192 words almost a double drabble:

In which The Doctor meets his first love


Ficlet the firstCollapse )


Important question

It's working... I'm writing again. Now one important question: What in the name of all fandom is the plural of TARDIS... TARDIS, TARDII, TARDISes?
Answers on a postcard please.

(Question 2. Any idea why the dreamwidth crossposting isn't working?)

I have a plan

Tried to crosspost from DW and it's not working.... cut and paste

Hi again, have decided that the only way I am going to get back into writing is to make myself. So I want to challenge myself to write drabbles/ficlets etc every night. So here is my challenge to write drabbles/ficlets (one a night) on the following pairings (some of which may end up gen). A month's worth of writing if I do one a night - that should get me into the habit. Here then is my todo list:

highlanderCollapse )

Gundam WingCollapse )

LeverageCollapse )

Prince of TennisCollapse )

Doctor Who/TorchwoodCollapse )

Magnificent 7Collapse )
SupernaturalCollapse )

MiscellaneousCollapse )

Wish me luck... I'll need it.

Not Dead

Hey all,

Have just realised it has been a horrendous length of time since I looked at LJ/DW. I'm still around, just haven't been on LJ/DW for awhile. I've been sucked into the black hole that is supernatural fanfiction. I am on a mission to read it all... But unlike my other fandoms this one seems to be... a little big. I don't think I'll be able to catch up on 6 years worth of fanfic.

This is strange to me, I've read just about everything there is to read (in English) in the highlander fandom, probably twice at least (or anything ever recced and still available online), at one point I'd read all the highlights of the gundam wing fandom (I'm now totally out of date, I rarely read anything new just catch up with updates of a few favourites), made fairly significant dents into Charmed, Magnificent 7, Hikaru No Go and Prince of Tennis and in the last few months just about all of the recced stuff in the Leverage or Loser fandoms. Supernatural though appears to be a never ending supply. Am unsure whether this should please me or not, on the one hand will probably never run out of new stuff to read, on the other think of all the fic I will miss.

Anyway I'm sure you can see now why I haven't got round to checking my flists. New leaf, I shall try to be a better flister and keep up with peoples posts.  And I really, really must start writing fic things again, I have lots of snippet type ideas i should probably commit to screen.


fractured sun

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'Learning to communicate' chap. 6 0%
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Other fandoms:
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