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So the one-shot is now a two-shot (which will probably become a series).

Title: Politics and reality part 2
Characters/Pairing: 3x4 (Quatre's POV)
Warnings: Yaoi pairing, bad punctuation and I make them unhappy.
Rating: PG-13
A/N: This will only really make sense if you've read the first part which can be found here.This takes place about a week later.

Quatre could feel his shoulders tighten as he continued to type, Trowa’s furniture had not been designed with long periods of office work in mind and he was left curled over in a chair too high for the table. He pressed send and arched his back to try and relieve the stiffness. He should have left days ago really, but the temptation to stay near Trowa, for just a little bit longer, had been overwhelming. Somewhere in the back of his mind Quatre was afraid that if he left, Trowa wouldn’t be here when he got back. So he had cancelled or rescheduled meetings frankly ignoring his responsibilities and worked from Trowa’s cramped trailer for the last week. Normally Trowa would have been in and out all day between chores and rehearsals making the most of the rare time together. Trowa hadn’t set foot in the trailer all day. Yesterday he had returned for quick meals during which he had said nothing, finally returning at night and again saying nothing.

At night they clung to each other like small children, scared that if they let go they may find themselves suddenly alone. Otherwise Trowa hadn't so much as touched him in days, Quatre sighed Trowa had not said one word of blame or anger but Quatre could read the hurt in his every move. Most people found Trowa difficult to read but really it was an exercise in reading body language and understanding muscle movement and to Quatre's familiar eye Trowa had been practically screaming for the last few days. Quatre sighed ignoring breathing through  the painful tightness around his own chest, in their own ways they had both been pratically screaming for the last few days. Seeing each other made the guilt and pain worse but not to see Trowa was unbearable.

Quatre wished not for the first time that he had spoken to Trowa sooner about the situation and they had made the decision together. Quatre liked to think that if Trowa asked or had been completely unable to accept the situation that he would have called it off and changed his decision. In his heart though he knew he was deceiving himself, he had made his decision already to do what he considered his duty. Besides Trowa would never ask him to put him first. It was hardly the first time they had been asked to set aside their personal wishes for the sake of the 'greater good' and it probably wouldn't be the last.

The footsteps on the stairs had Quatre reaching for and drawing his gun before the visitor yanked open the trailer door. Quatre dropped his gun to his side immediately as he recognised Cathy, quickly tucking it away as she continued to stalk towards him. She stopped inches from Quatre and stared up at him angrily as he squashed the instincts that told him to strike first. Cathy had always had a strange relationship with Quatre, she had never quite forgiven him for the way they met and the damage he had done to her brother but he made Trowa happy or had made Trowa happy and so she watched him wary but accepting. Today Cathy was angry, as angry as Quatre had ever seen her.

“I’ve just been watching the news.” she hissed in his face “Is it true?”

Quatre sighed sadly "If you mean, am I planning to marry Relena? Then yes." he said more firmly than he was actually feeling.

She telegraphed her move and despite all the years that had passed, he was a trained Gundam pilot. He could have ducked or caught her hand or even struck back but he just stood there. The stinging pain across his cheek seemed a tiny punishment compared to the crime, Cathy was breathing heavily almost red from anger and then somehow Trowa was between them as if he had teleported in. His back turned to Quatre as he spoke to his sister

Trowa was calming Cathy down, explaining the situation. Quatre felt disconnected and distant wondering again how it could have come to this.

"Cathy, we agreed, Relena understands and we are all friends."

Quatre watched Trowa after Cathy left standing impassively across the room. Neither of them spoke, there didn't seem to be anything more to say and yet if this was going to work they had to start talking to each other again. Not for the first time this week Quatre wondered what he would do if Trowa said, enough.

The phone interrupted their silent vigil, Trowa quickly crossed the room to answer it Heero visible in the viewer.

"Barton, I just saw the news."

Quatre flinched, Heero was too good a friend to both Relena and himself to hear the news on the television. Quatre had been so fixated on talking to Trowa he hadn't stopped to tell any of his other friends. Heero and Trowa were talking just below Quatre's hearing range, both sounded calm.

Quatre crossed the room to rest one hand on Trowa's shoulder cautiously. Trowa didn't flinch or move away so Quatre moved in to lean against his warm back as he spoke on the vid phone to Heero, he could feel Trowa sigh in relief against him.

Trowa clicked off the phone and then turned resting one hand on Quatre's waist and pulling him in closer. Quatre could feel the tension drain off both of them and he wrapped his arm around Trowa. Quatre had to wonder how much of the distance between them had been Trowa and how much had been his own guilt.

"I'm sorry Trowa, I've done this all wrong haven't I?"

 "Shh Quatre, it's finished, we'll move on from now. There's lots we have to work out but we will. But Quatre, my love you have to go back to work, you can't stay here avoiding everything forever." Trowa smiled gently "Much as I would love you to."

Quatre smiled into Trowa's shoulder "I know,  I'll ring the office and go back tomorrow. I can stay with you tonight. That is if you want me to?"

"Of course I do Quatre," Trowa brushed his fingers through Quatre's hair "I'm sorry too, I haven't exactly made this easy for you either have I?"

Quatre shrugged "You were hurt," He grimaced "I promised myself I would never hurt you again, but I couldn't see any other way."

"I know, just next time. Let‘s talk first."

Quatre nodded reaching up to draw Trowa into a deep kiss.

Right, what's next on the to do list?

There is now a third part here


Aug. 29th, 2009 04:11 pm (UTC)
I really liked this. The emotions came through very well and you could feel the repressed grief throughout the piece. I'm glad you wrote another installment and I really want to read more in this universe.
Aug. 30th, 2009 10:38 am (UTC)
Thank you, glad you are enjoying it because there is definitely more of this on the way.


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