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Fractured thoughts

Musing and ramblings

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  • fractured_sun@livejournal.com
  • fracturedsun1
I'm a 30 year old pagan, anime and manga fanatic who spends way too much time reading fan fiction, sf&f and watching TV.

So far most of the fics I've written are for Gundam Wing or highlander but I make occasional forays into other fandoms, and I go through phases of reading different fandoms. I have an extensive list of bookmarks of different fandom recs on delicious.

So far all of the fiction I have written is completely open, read, enjoy,throw rotten eggs or whatever. Some of the rl posts I've made are friend locked just so I can rant about work or talk about family. Feel free to friend me, I will probably friend you back. Though I don't friend back unless at least some of your journal is in English or I know you through a comm or comments (I like to know what I have in common with my flist).

I love comments (they make me feel noticed) so don't be shy, feel free to put in your two pennies worth on any entry either new or old. I now also have a dreamwidth account whcih is a mirror of this one and accounts on fanfiction.net and archive of our own all under fractured_sun. There are links in my journal (feel free to take a look if you're curious).